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2016-06-23 16:53

Exploring New Caledonia with Lena Erdil and Maria Andres

Exploring New Caledonia is a short movie about Watergirls Maria Andres and Lena Erdil exploring New Caleldonias main Island and the Islands Lifou and Isle of Pines.

With the Windsurfing World Cup scheduled for the end of November in Noumea, María Andrés and Lena Erdil decided to head to New Caledonia early and explore this beautiful country whilst preparing for the last world cup event of the year.

Located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, it is obviously a very exotic destination. But what is amazing is not only the colors, the vegetation, the clear waters or the waves. The atmosphere in New Caledonia is unique for many other reasons, with this short clip we hope to share some of the amazing New Cal vibes with all of you!!



Thanks and many Sunny Greetings 


Maria Andres and Lena Erdil 

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